Gratitude Letter to Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,


You guys are the best! I don’t just come over for the food. I like being with you guys; and besides Francisco, you’re my best friends!


I have never been good at expressing my feelings for people in words, or yet alone on paper. But the bottom line is – I love you both very much. You have supported me and put up with my ill humors for as long as I can remember (I certainly could have not put up with me for that long!) You have always been there for me when I had a problem. You knew what to say, and you knew how to listen (even Dad sometimes). You pushed me, and encouraged me to venture out into the world and try new things. And when some things didn’t seem to work for me, you taught me never to give up.


I respect you both as people as well as parents. You both possess such a high level of integrity (I’m still trying to live up to it). You are both kind and generous, and always look for the good in people. Diligence and responsibility are traits that you model, and you always give everything your best!


I’ve been so lucky to be raised with such wonderful people. I even brag to friends about how cool my parents are! God has blessed me. And I thank you both.






After presenting my letter of gratitude to my parents, I felt a rush of joy and peace inside. Before however, I was a little nervous. I have never been good at communicating my emotions to other people. I tend to get embarrassed. That’s why I was somewhat glad my emotions were set on paper and not from my mouth.

When I gave them the letter to read, I didn’t say much. I let the letter speak for me, and followed it up by saying, “And meant every word of it.” It’s the least I could say.

All and all, this was a positive experience. I take joy in the fact that my parents know, or least are reaffirmed, of the fact that I love them and appreciate them.




One thought on “Gratitude Letter to Mom and Dad

  1. Hi Jesse: Thanks for the effort. I know this might be a new experience and will have you learning some new skills you can share with your students.

    mark s.

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